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180px-walt_disney_snow_white_1937_trailer_screenshot_12.jpgWalt Disney – he is American cartoon artist and producer of animated films. Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois. He left school at the age of 16, but later studied briefly at art schools in Chicago and in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1923 he began to produce animated motion pictures in Hollywood, California, in partnership with his brother Roy O. Disney. From 1926 to 1928 Disney produced a cartoon series, Oswald the Rabbit, for Universal Pictures. Steamboat Willie (1928), produced by Disney’s own company, featured synchronized sound for the first time in an animated cartoon. The cartoon starred Disney’s most popular and enduring cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, who had been introduced in another cartoon, Plane Crazy, earlier that same year. Disney’s Silly Symphony series was inaugurated with Skeleton Dance (1929); he first used color in a film of this series, Flowers and Trees (1932). Disney originated the feature-length cartoon with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and followed it with other feature-length films, such as Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1941), and Bambi (1942).
In the 1950s and 1960s Walt Disney Productions, Ltd., was one of the major producers of films for theaters and television. As the scope of his enterprises expanded, Disney retained as much artistic control as possible. The company was involved in the publication of books for children and the syndication of comic strips, most of them featuring such characters as Donald Duck and Pluto, the dog. In 1955 Walt Disney Productions, Ltd., opened a huge amusement park called Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Featuring historical reconstructions, displays, and rides, it became a famous tourist attraction. Disney World opened near Orlando, Florida, in 1971.
Meanwhile, in addition to cartoons, the company made several documentary films, including The Living Desert (1953) and Secrets of Life (1956). Beginning in 1950 the company made such live-action films as Treasure Island (1950), Robin Hood (1951), The Shaggy Dog (1959), The Absent-Minded Professor (1961), and Mary Poppins (1964). Animated features of this period included Peter Pan (1953) and The Sword in the Stone (1963). Disney’s company was also responsible for the television series “Davy Crockett,””The Mickey Mouse Club,” and “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color.” During his career as a filmmaker Disney received 26 Academy Awards.


Source: Encarta ® Encyclopedia 2004.

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